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Sapphire Sky by Wolf-Goddess13
Sapphire Sky
Beat the main story of Alpha Sapphire yesterday (I totally ship May x Brendan) and I'm about to dive into the postgame I guess :dummy:

This is the basic team that I travel with but I tend to switch them out a lot. Graveler and Azumarill should be in there too but my drawing hand is crying in pain ;A; Designing those mega stone holders was fun though
Kaya faces by Wolf-Goddess13
Kaya faces
dear god I've never had such a hard time designing a character, especially the hair

like I literally spent a week working out that stupid hair and that stupid face

but YEAH this is what Kaya looks like in the real world. Trying to make her more expressive than Oliver since she can't talk and probably uses her face a lot more often.

i love side-ponytails
#1: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Favorite Male Character: Aang
Favorite Female Character: Katara
Least Favorite Character(s): Azula
Favorite Moment(s): Zuko's coronation; Aang's epic battle with Ozai (the entire last episode basically)
Favorite Ship: Kataang, I also kinda liked Tokka
When Did I Know: Ever since I saw the promotions on Nick way back when, I was instantly fascinated, and I was hooked since the first episode
Best Death Scene: (I don't think anyone actually died on screen but) Jet
Most Shocking Scene: When Zuko returned to his uncle and he apologized and they cried and asdfjkl
Special Fact: This show is my number one favorite because of its ability to be funny, serious, sad, and exciting at the right moments. There is not a single episode or character that I dislike.
#2: The Legend of Korra
Favorite Male Character: Varrick
Favorite Female Character: Korra
Least Favorite Character(s): President Raiko
Favorite Moment(s): Giant Spirit Korra vs. Una-Vaatu, Korra and Mako breaking up for good eue
When Did I Know: I was actually like a month ago when I really got into the show, since the love triangles really turned me off early on and I temporarily stopped watching it. Then I saw adverts for the last season on TV and I was like "wow I should really catch up"
Best Death Scene: P'Li's damn head exploding
Most Shocking Scene: Tarrlok's murder/suicide
Special Fact: this show literally makes me question my sexuality
#3: Over the Garden Wall
Favorite Male Character: Wirt
Favorite Female Character: Beatrice
Least Favorite Character(s): The girl that took Wirt's tape, whatever her name was
Favorite Moment(s): Wirt almost giving up entirely while Greg stayed positive, then the tables turned and Greg almost died and ;A;
Favorite Ships: Wirt x Beatrice (Wirtrice?)
When Did I Know: I loved it as soon as I heard the intro music start playing
Best Death Scene: The Beast
Most Shocking Scene: The whole last episode
Special Fact: Made me tear up like a little girl
#4: Adventure Time
Favorite Male Character: Finn or B-Mo if he had a gender
Favorite Female Character: Princess Bubblegum
Least Favorite Character(s): uhh Magic Man
Favorite Moment(s): Finn's whole perverted dream sequence with Flame Princess
Favorite Ships: Bubbline
When Did I Know: I just decided out of nowhere that I was going to watch this show, and I started loving it a few episodes in
Best Death Scene: (wasn't a permanent death but) when Princess Cookie tried to kill himself
Most Shocking Scene: Finn meeting his real father is all I can remember
Special Fact: I actually hated this show when I first watched it, but I kept seeing fanart and people were talking about how good it was so I gave it a second chance.
#5: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Favorite Male Character: Discord
Favorite Female Character: Twilight
Least Favorite Character(s): Snips and Snails
Favorite Moment(s): Twilight becomes an alicorn
Favorite Ships: oh god uuuuhh Twidash
When Did I Know: I saw a few posts about how good it was in between seasons 1 and 2, and I thought it was really cute and smart for a kid's show
Best Death Scene: Sombra
Most Shocking Scene: Seeing Tirek in the FiM universe
Special Fact: So I used to be really into the G3 toys, and when I saw G4 for the first time I was like "WHAT DID THEY DO TO RAINBOW DASH" and then I realized it was for the best
#6: Natsume Yuujinchou
Favorite Male Character: Tanuma
Favorite Female Character: Reiko
Least Favorite Character(s): The Chukyuu
Favorite Moment(s): I like when Tanuma got to walk in Natsume's shoes, so to speak, when he began seeing spirits
Favorite Ships: Natsume x Tanuma eue
When Did I Know: This show was recommended to me about 2 years ago by a watcher, since I'm into spiritey stuff and anime. I started watching it and it reminded me very much of the movie Spirited Away, which is one of my favorites
Best Death Scene: Not sure if it counts as death since they were already spirits, but Gen and Sui
Most Shocking Scene: Tanuma gets possessed
Special Fact: I haven't watched this in ages, I should probably continue it :I
#7: Attack on Titan
Favorite Male Character: ?
Favorite Female Character: ?
Least Favorite Character(s): ?
Favorite Moment(s): ?
Favorite Ships: ?
When Did I Know: ?
Best Death Scene: ?
Most Shocking Scene: ?
Special Fact: I've only watched 3 episodes but it's so fucking good
Honorable Mentions:
- Pokemon: Origins
- Hamtaro
- Gravity Falls
- The Walking Dead

I tag everyone :dummy:

Also FINALS NEXT WEEK so probably no art until that's done
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